Flag Fen Archaeology Park

Flag Fen Archaeology Park is the home of a distinct ancient wood monument. A kilometre long wooden causeway and platform are perfectly protected in the wetland. 3300 years ago this was constructed and utilized by the Prehistoric fen people as a place of worship and routine. 60,000 upright woods and 250,000 horizontal planks are buried under the ground in addition to numerous swords and individual items provided as offerings to the watery fen.

Go To Flag Fen and you can:

  • See an exposed section of the routine causeway and the treasure it holds
  • Explore a reconstructed town from the Bronze Age
  • Discover what life was for our ancient forefathers

Nene Park Trust – Ferry Meadows Country Park

Ferryboat Meadows, Orton Meadows, Orton Mere, Woodston Reach, Thorpe Meadows and The Rural Estate together form Nene Park – Peterborough’s and the region’s preferred location to be outdoors and delight in nature.

Whether you are searching for adventure, outside activity, a location to stroll the dog or merely to value nature, Nene Park has it all.


From the Roman inhabitants 2,000 years ago to the experimental farmers of the 20th century, Sacrewell’s development traces the path of farming in this country.

Our more recent history has been formed by a man called William Scott Abbott, who first came to the farm in 1917. His strong belief in informing people about the countryside way of life is what drives the Sacrewell we know and enjoy today.

Peterborough Museum

Peterborough Museum is positioned in Peterborough City Centre, on Priestgate, a minute’s walk from the main shopping areas and 2 minutes’ walk from the Queensgate Shopping Centre, the Bus Station or the Railway Station.

The city of Peterborough is easily situated just off the A1, and is on the primary East Coast train line, less than an hour’s journey from London.

Peterborough Greyhounds

At Peterborough Greyhounds the welfare of greyhounds is our top concern, we go to terrific lengths to ensure they are comfortable and took care of while at the stadium.

A Vet is on site before the greyhounds show up to be weighed in and kennelled at the start of a race meeting, right through to the moment the last greyhound leaves at the end of the evening.

All Greyhounds are inspected prior to kennelling, prior to racing and after racing. The Stadium’ s kennels are situated under part of the primary Grandstand and there is a viewing area which enables you to see the greyhounds being made ready for racing.

The Cresset Ltd

The Cresset is Peterborough’s primary multi-purpose area, playing host to an exciting and diverse mix of live home entertainment neighborhood activities, corporate and private occasions.

We display the very best live music, comedy, theatre, children’s and family shows, unique events and exhibits. Our successful neighborhood programme provides activities for all ages, consisting of dance and drama classes and community workshops, and our elegant function suites provide the ideal setting for wedding celebrations, unique celebrations, business meetings and conferences.

Longthorpe Tower

Longthorpe Tower displays among the most total and crucial sets of 14th-century domestic wall paintings in northern Europe. This varied ‘spiritual encyclopaedia’ of worldly and religious topics consists of the Wheel of Life, the Nativity and King David.

Activity World

Activity World is among the longest recognized play area operators in the UK. Having opened the first site in Hatfield in 1991, the company did establish 10 sites, the majority of which were franchises. Over the years a few of the websites closed, and some changed ownership and name, so now the only website being run as Activity World lies in Peterborough.

John Clare Cottage & Garden

The John Clare Trust purchased John Clare Cottage in 2005, protecting it for future generations. The Cottage has actually been restored, utilizing traditional building methods, to develop a centre where people can learn more about John Clare, his works, how rural people lived in the early 19th century as well as gain an understanding of the environment.

The Cottage contains examples of his interaction with info about his life. A few of the rooms have actually been taken back to the style that would have been found in homes in the early 19th century in rural England. The gardens have actually been upgraded and planted with ranges which would have been seen in Clare’s time.

Elton Hall and Gardens

Elton Hall is situateded in the gorgeous countryside on the Cambridgeshire/Northamptonshire border, lying eight miles southwest of Peterborough. It stands happy in unaffected landscaped parkland where a home has actually stood since the 12th century.

The house has been the house of the Proby household since 1660, although previous generations held land at Elton from the time of Elizabeth I. Elton Hall is bewitching and there is something romantic and magical about the building with its gothic south elevation set at a best angle to the classical, French inspired, entrance wing.

Successive generations have embellished both the house and collection, which includes numerous Old Masters and great examples of English portraiture. A visit, which also includes the recently restored gardens, provides the visitor with a remarkable insight into British history and taste.

Huge Sky Soft Play

Huge Sky is a family owned business. We comprehend that moms and dads and guardians need a friendly and safe environment to hang out with one another. We are passionate about entertaining children whilst they explore new things. Our brand-new play frame allows children to explore various areas of the world as well as find out intriguing truths along the way. Our infant area has all the fun and stimulation to assist your kid to discover and grow.

Burghley House

The Burghley House Preservation Trust Limited was established as a charity in 1969 by the Sixth Marquess of Exeter for the development of historic and visual education and the preservation of structures of nationwide value, and in particular the conservation and showing of Burghley House near Stamford.

The charity raises its income from charging an admission cost to visitors and running occasions and other commercial activities at your house. In addition the charity owns a considerable investment home portfolio based around the Stamford location.

Peterborough Visitor Information Centre

Peterborough is the city at the heart of rural East England, bridging the Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire borders. Peterborough and its region have a crucial place in the history of Britain and the contemporary city continues to grow in value and in the right way. Visit Peterborough, you will find a heritage city, an environment city, an event city and a modern exciting cosmopolitan place. Delight in the city, we do.

Lattersey Local Nature Reserve

This local nature reserve used to be a quarry for brick clay and ‘obtain’ material utilized to develop the local railway. The abandoned pits filled with water, offering a sanctuary for the wildlife that was forced into the area as the surrounding fenland was drained and ploughed.

Follow the boardwalk to check out the wetland, which is important for a range of wildlife including water voles, water shrews and insects, especially dragonflies and damselflies, unusual beetles and moths. Sedge and other wetland plants abound. The unusual reed beetle can be discovered on the common reed.