How to Reduce Stress When Moving House

How to Reduce Stress When Moving House

Moving house is acknowledged as one of the most stressful activities in adult life. The lack of recognised order, familiarity and belonging in your own environment and possessions can be un-nerving, unsettling and sometimes act as triggers for strained relationships and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. So here are some of our hints and tips to help you stay calm during the run up to, and actual moving day…

Planning, Planning, Planning

writingIt’s best to approach any house move with as much advance notice as possible. Obviously sometimes this isn’t feasible, especially for rental accommodation, but if possible having a week by week plan, up to the moving date can help you ensure nothing is missed, and you have time to achieve all that you need to.

Your plan should include things like sourcing packing materials and boxes as one of your first ports of call, alongside securing your removals van or company, to ensure you get the date you need them. You could then plan to pack up a room at a time, one or two a week.

Be Good to Yourself

It’s so easy to get caught up in the epic list of things to do that it’s far too easy to forget about preserving the most important moving tool you have – yourself!

  • Make sure that you are eating well, and getting enough sleep on the run up to the move.
  • Take time off work during the week of your moving date to ensure you have enough time to finish everything, without the stress of other deadlines on top.
  • Remember to say goodbye – to people and places that mean something to you. Take a little bit of time each day to treat yourself – whether that be a meal at a favourite restaurant, a coffee with friends, or taking the kids to their favourite play-park. Make time to cherish and re-live the happy times associated with your old house.
  • cardboardYou don’t have to do everything – ask for help with your packing and preparation, most people have experienced a house move and recognise how stressful and tiring it can be, so make a packing party out of it with friends and family. If the move is from rental accommodation, it’s seriously worth while considering having a professional end of lease clean done after your move date too, to save you packing and cleaning simultaneously.

The actual moving day

  • Ensure you start the day with a hardy breakfast to set yourself up for what’s to come.
  • Pack the essentials box – your kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, biscuits and toys for the kids – you’ll need this as soon as you get to your new home – and it should be the first thing you unpack and utilise before any other box!
  • If you have kids or pets, ask someone to look after them today during the actual move, and arrange for them to be dropped off at the new house when you’re ready for them.
  • Take regular breaks – it might not seem an efficient use of time, but you’ll be better placed to unpack and enjoy your new home if you’re rested, well fed and hydrated.
  • Go with the flow – unexpected things can, and probably will happen, on moving day. Take things steady, keep calm and measured, and keep your phone with you ready for a back-up plan at all times.

Get in the Professionals

If timing, e.g. lack of time, organisation or physical ability are issues with your move it might be the best thing to get in the professionals to take a huge proportion of the preparation off your shoulders. Many removals firms including ourselves at A-Z Removals offer full bespoke packages, not just loading and unloading your removals van but providing boxes and tape, packing up and dismantling furniture as well as the move.

Remember to call in plenty of time to get the date you want, and discuss the best possible competitive rate for a full service, but with A-Z Removals we can take the stress and strain of the day, so you can enjoy the move, rather than survive it!

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