How Much Are Solicitor Fees For Moving A House

When you’re getting ready to move home, don’t forget about the costs linked to legal help. Solicitors or conveyancers are vital in house moving. How much should you set aside for their fees?

In the UK, the average home move costs £11,777. This amount can vary a lot based on where you are. You should remember Stamp Duty, survey costs, and legal fees as your starting costs.

Overview of Solicitor Fees for House Removals

A good solicitor or conveyancer is vital when buying a home. They make the process faster, solve problems, and help with paperwork. This gets you into your new home quickly. Solicitors manage contracts, legal advice, property checks, money transfers, and house ownership registration.

Typically, you’ll pay £800 to £1,500 for a solicitor. Always get quotes from various firms. Check if their prices include VAT and other fees.

If your home is leasehold, you might have to pay ground rent and maintenance. Your solicitor can tell you about these. Extra legal fees may appear, like if you need a deed of trust for a friend who’s not your partner.

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House Removals: Other Costs to Consider

Planning your house removals means more than just thinking about legal fees. Movers help with heavy things but their moving services have costs.

These costs depend on the size and complexity of the move. You might also need to think about storage if there’s time between leaving and arriving at your new home.

Also, don’t forget to change your address with mail services. This can start at £33.99 for three months.

If you rented your old place, you might have to clean it very well to get your deposit back.

Paying professional cleaners for this can cost a lot and take time.

If you’re selling, add estate agent fees to your list, normally 1% to 3% of the sale. Remember to budget for things like utility reconnection, new furniture, and home improvements you dream of. These can happen before moving in or after.

ExpenseTypical Cost
Movers and Removalist ServicesVaries based on size of move
StorageVaries based on storage needs
Mail Redirection£33.99 for 1 person, 3 months
Professional CleaningTime-consuming and costly
Estate Agent Fees1% to 3% of sale price
Utility ReconnectionsVaries
New FurnitureVaries
Home ImprovementsVaries

Knowing about these additional costs for your house removals helps make a better budget. This way, there are fewer surprises. Choosing a trusted moving company like A2Z Removals (07950 776867, also smooths out the whole residential move process.

Strategies to Reduce Solicitor Fees for House Moves

To pay less for your house removals, domestic relocation, or residential moves, try these top tips:

  1. Get quotes from many solicitors or conveyancers to see who offers the best deal.
  2. Choose ones that work on fixed-fee pricing so you know the exact cost upfront.
  3. Ask for a recommended lawyer from people you know or your mortgage lender to find someone with special deals.
  4. Always check what’s included in your quote, like search fees, and Land Registry costs, to avoid surprises.
  5. Hiring a licensed conveyancer can be cheaper than a solicitor for standard work, but they might not help with complex cases.
  6. Give all required info to your lawyer early to prevent extra costs for handling last-minute tasks.

Following these hints can lower solicitor fees and keep your house move costs in check. It helps make the shift to your new residential or domestic space smoother and more affordable.


Moving house can cost a lot, with many fees on top of the property’s price.

You’ll need to pay for a solicitor or conveyancer, which can be between £800 and £1,500.

Knowing about these costs before you start can help you save money. Finding ways to lower these fees is key to keeping your move’s cost down.

Don’t forget there are more costs, such as stamp duty, surveys, and insurance. Planning for these can make your budget solid.

It will also help avoid being shocked by extra bills later. Doing your homework before the move will cut stress and expenses.

If you need help moving in the UK, think about A2Z Removals. They offer top-notch services for moving homes. They’re good at moving furniture and can even pack and unpack for you. Get in touch with them at 07950 776867 or send an email to

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