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There are various times when you may need house clearance services. Mostly, it’s when you are moving house or having your property renovated.

When that time comes, you will need a company that is proficient and well-equipped to move all manner of household items from one property to another.

Check Out Our House Clearance In Peterborough Service

At A2Z Removals we’ve specialised in undertaking any house clearance in Peterborough work. Our team members are skilled and well-trained for the job. More importantly, they have incredible exposure due to the high volume of house clearances that we do involving both small properties to mega-sized homes.

You can rest easy knowing that all your items, whether electrical, furniture, cutlery, musical instruments, rags are handled properly and with utmost care. This includes even in case of bereavement. You can use our services for clearing the house of a loved one.

Over the years, we have learned to respect client’s belongings and have handled them with meticulous care because we understand that they may have great sentimental value to the client.

Normally, many clients we’ve encountered tend to have a lot of anxiety before house renovations as well as house moves, feeling frustrated and discouraged by the mammoth task of moving their household items.

However, their problems are instantly solved when they give us a call. In fact, anxiety is soon dispelled the minute we arrive on your property and our crew take charge.

We disassemble large items while grouping electrical together. Small items can be troublesome if they are not contained so we box them up. Curtains are taken down and fixed decor such as carpets are rolled up and grouped together in a secure neat and tight pile.

Every house has its own share of sensitive, sharp and sometimes even dangerous objects that may include glasses, knives and heavy tools. We know how to safely pack so that these items don’t get damaged nor become a hazard to anyone during the moving and unpacking process.

When we get to work, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how efficient, methodical, and safe your items are handled and packed.

House clearing for massive houses or offices

No clearing job is too big for us because we have the manpower and equipment needed to successfully accomplish any type of clearing work.

Usually, one of the biggest worry for clients with huge properties and offices is whether we have big enough trucks to transport the items.

Well, we are quick to reassure you that this should be the least of your worries. We conduct massive houses and office clearances with a lot of items to be moved every so often.

Our trucks can carry up to 3000kg in weight and have 16 cubic yards of space that will comfortably accommodate large household clearance.

House clearance in case of bereavement

Having been in the clearing business for a number of years, we treat our client with compassion and respect with the full understanding that when doing a house clearance in case of bereavement, the client could be going through a stressful and difficult time.

Usually, our crews are quietly efficient while remaining friendly and helpful at all times and at any given stage of a house or office clearance.

Why Choose Us?

We are a one-stop shop for all your house clearance needs, meaning that you will, in all probability, not need to call anyone else for a house clearing related service.

Our company is licensed, insured, and environmentally friendly in waste disposal.

Our flexibility means you can call us to clear only specified items such as cookers, carpets, furniture, washing machines and junk or you can call on us to conduct a full house clearance that, in addition to the above, includes clearance of lofts, garages, attics, sheds, cellars, outbuildings as well as greenhouses.

If you are clearing up the house for the purposes of selling, we can also go ahead and clean it up for you so it is ready for clients to see as soon as the clearing is done.

Our team leaves all cleared properties swept clean and tidy.

Once the clearance has been completed, any valuable personal effects found on the premises such as personal papers or photos are kept together and returned in a discreet manner to relatives or a solicitor.

Above everything else, our company is professional with stringent quality control in our customer service. In order to maintain our quality standards, we do not use subcontractors. All jobs, big or small, are handled only by our well trained and uniformed staff.

What We Clear

Our clearing company is licensed to carry and dispose of waste. Therefore we can remove all types of waste from your premises.

We are conscious of environmental concerns and for that reason, we ensure recyclable waste is recycled.

As for items that are re-usable and bear no saleable value, we donate them to charities.

When we encounter harmful substances such as asbestos, we call a specialized company that deals with disposal of asbestos.

It is worth noting that most waste collection services will not take away electrical items. This is because they are not able to properly dispose of the items as required by Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE). These items include but not limited to;

  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring and control devices
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Automatic dispensers
  • IT equipment

Our company is fully licensed and well capable of clearing and disposing of any WEEE items, ensuring that hazardous chemicals within do not pose any threat to the environment and people.

When you need a house clearing company, look no further than……You can breathe easy knowing that your items are well taken care of and that the junk is properly and safely disposed of.

Being meticulous both in clearance and disposal is at the heart of our service.

For more information you can call us 01733 350955  or  07950 776867  or email us or visit our website


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