Home Removals – How to Get the Lowest Quote in Cambridge

Planning a house removal can be a traumatic experience as well as an expensive one. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of removalists ready to compete for your job but you must have a plan of action worked out in advance so you can not only choose the right removalist, but also get one at the right price.

If you are working to a strict budget you are more likely willing to do some of the work yourself, even to the extent of hiring a truck and doing the complete removal. This can be a money-saving move but also one fraught with danger. If you have some heavy items particularly refrigerators and washing machines, it can be risky to attempt to move these yourself. Any mishap can result in your property being damaged and the money you save on the removal will be more than offset with the expense of having to replace damaged goods. Remember, insurance may not cover self removals and this places you at an even greater risk. If you’re looking to save money, you can still get a good deal by negotiating with the removalist and having a peace of mind that comes with engaging a professional service. Here are some things you can do to reduce the cost of using a house removalist.

  • Do all the packing yourself. This means purchasing all the boxes, wrapping paper and packaging tape yourself and having everything ready for the removalist to simply come in and take the boxes from your house. Although this might appear to be a daunting task it is easy once you get started. The hardest room to pack is generally the kitchen. This is because you have to individually wrap every plate, cup, and saucer, and you have to do this carefully to avoid breakages. Be prepared to use as much paper as possible to give your goods the protection they need so they are well cushioned during the move. A few dollars spent on extra packing paper will be well worth it if you come through the other end unscathed.
  • Reduce the time you removalists takes to perform the move by clearly labelling every box so that it can be placed in the appropriate room in your new home. It is easy to colour code boxes or clearly label them with large print stickers so there is no doubt in the removalist mind as to where they are to be located. If you are on hand at your new house you can easily assist the removalist by telling them where to place each box in your new house too.
  • Make sure you get at least five quotes. When you are obtaining quotes make sure you ask the same questions and tell each removalist the same thing about your move. This is particularly the case when you are doing everything yourself so all they have to quote on is the provision of a truck and labour for the minimum time necessary to effect the move.

These three simple steps and save you plenty of money were engaging removalists and will certainly make your move much easier.

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