Can You Move House On A Weekend

Weekends are often seen as the ideal time to move house, but is it really possible to complete the process and settle into your new home all within a couple of days? As the leading house removals specialists in the UK, A2Z Removals knows the ins and outs of weekend house moves. So, let’s explore whether you can truly “move house on a weekend” or if it’s better to plan for a weekday completion.

Understanding Weekend House Removals

Friday is the most popular day to move house. But that doesn’t mean it is the best day to move. In fact, it could be the worst. Friday has long been the most popular day to move house. Moving day statistics drawn from removals quotes from the past 11 years (2011-2022), reveal that 30% of movers opt to move on a Friday.

Saturday is the second most popular day for moving house (16%), followed by Monday (15%). Sunday is the least popular day to move (5%). Friday is the most popular day for moving house for two reasons. Firstly, people like it as it allows them the weekend to unpack and settle into their new home without taking too much time off work. Secondly, because Friday is popular with so many people, those buying in a housing chain are often forced to move on a Friday.

House Removals: Challenges and Considerations

Despite its popularity, there are quite a few downsides to moving house on a Friday.

Sometimes, bank money transfer systems can get overloaded, particularly the last Friday in the month. You need the transfers to take place to ensure you don’t end up homeless for the weekend.

Research by the Homeowners Alliance found that 115,000 home moves are delayed every year. One of the most common reasons for this is money not arriving in time.

If your move is delayed it could cost you dearly. Our research found that delays cost homebuyers an average £509, but one in seven lost over £1,000.

Fridays are also the peak time for conveyancing fraud. Known as Friday afternoon fraud this is a scam that targets solicitors’ email accounts. Criminals hack into conveyancing solicitor’s emails and diver client funds. They target Friday afternoons as this is when the most completions take place, and it gives them the weekend to avoid detection. In 2016, Friday afternoon fraud stole at least £7m.

House Removals£300 – £8007 days a week
Relocation Services£500 – £1,500Monday – Saturday
Packers and Movers£200 – £600Monday – Friday
Household Shifting£150 – £4007 days a week

If there is a problem with your new home, it could prove difficult or expensive to hire a tradesman to come and fix it on a Friday afternoon or over the weekend. Collecting keys might also take longer on a Friday as estate agents manage the rush. If you are in a chain it will be almost impossible to dictate the move day, and chances are it will be set for a Friday.

In these instances, it is preferable to complete in the morning, as the bank deadline for transferring money is 3pm. Ask your solicitors to order the mortgage monies to arrive from your lender before the day of completion – again, to allow the money to be transferred first thing.

Act quickly once you have exchanged to arrange a removals firm. If you are buying, not selling, you don’t actually have to move in on the day you complete. Think about completing on a Thursday and moving in on the Friday.


When it comes to house removals, the timing of your move can make a significant difference in the overall experience. While Friday is the most popular day for residential relocation, it may not necessarily be the best choice for everyone.

Factors such as bank transfer deadlines, conveyancing fraud risks, and the availability of tradesmen on weekends can all play a role in determining the optimal move day.

If you’re faced with a Friday completion, it’s advisable to aim for a morning transfer to ensure the money is processed before the 3pm bank deadline.

Additionally, consider asking your removals firm, such as A2Z Removals (07950 776867,, to arrange the move as soon as possible after exchange to secure your preferred date and time.

If you’re the buyer, not the seller, you may have the flexibility to complete on a Thursday and move in on the Friday, allowing you to take advantage of the weekend to unpack and settle into your new home.

Ultimately, while the weekend may seem like an appealing option for house moving services, it’s essential to weigh the potential challenges and consider the most suitable timing for your specific circumstances. By planning ahead and working closely with your residential moving companies, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free domestic relocation.

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